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Evolutionary Psychology and
Charles Darwin's Origin of Species

    In an extension of Theory about Evolution towards what Charles Darwin, in the final pages of the Origin of Species, intimated might some day be possible:-

  "In the distant future I see open fields for far more important researches. Psychology will be based on a new foundation, that of the necessary acquirement of each mental power and capacity by gradation."

  Those who are establishing Evolutionary Psychology as a branch of Science tend to hold, as their prime article of Scientific Faith, that "The Human Mind" has been effectively designed by evolutionary forces such that the human being, or rather the group of closely genetically related human beings, in question will have enhanced possibilities of survival in order to procreate and hence to transmit their genes.

  This gives rise to a most pressing question-

  What does the term "The Human Mind" encompass in all its ramifications and implications?

  Those who attempt to answer this question are presently involved in several associated fields of Scientific study that seek to investigate Human psychology in all its fullness. But, as yet, it seems that those involved have effectively ignored an uniquely rich source of highly persuasive and relevant material i.e. the insights of the Mystics and Poets!!!

Leaving aside, for the present, the much-debated (and possibly insoluble) question as to the origin of our poetical and spiritual capacities there may be much to learn about those capacities from an open-minded attempt to gain an appreciation of the Wisdoms of the Poets and Mystics.
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The following scrollable panel displays " Key Insights " from the Great Poets!!!
More such scrollable panels of " Key Spiritual Insights " from Christian and from Interfaith Sources are available here

A DEEP question arises as to why such quotations are so impact-FULL.
Their impact surely has to be down to an Innate Inheritance rather than down to Education or Nurture.
  The rationale behind the following image is more fully explained on our Spirituality & the wider world page.

[Evolutionary Psychology]

  The above view of human nature suggests that people are innately the same yet differences exist in terms of culturally acquired ethnic and confessional heritages. It also doubtless recognises that people ARE indeed spiritual!!!

  The Poets and Mystics who have lived across the Globe and across the Ages have attained many awesomely profound insights into human nature and into human spirituality!!!

  We hope that, even if you are interested in human nature from a "purely scientific" standpoint, you will take the trouble to access our Metaphysics pages and possibly also our Poetic Insights and Spiritual Insights pages.

  If you do we hope that you will be impressed by the insights into "Human Being" that have been attained by the Poets and Mystics.

  We may ultimately prove to be God's create-ures or we may ultimately prove to be Space and Eternity's evolute-ures but which? or in what proportions? has yet to be established!!!



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